About us

We are a dynamic and rapidly evolving IT company. We have created and developed unique innovative software package iRidium.
We started as an installation company in 2006 with projects of home automation and automation of home theatres.
But the release of iPhone changed it all! We had an idea, “Why not use iPhone to control home automation?” And it was a starting point … 

Our Mission

We want to create an adaptable system for home automation to let integrators use all state of the art technologies in controlling automation systems.


Today We:

  • work with 10,000 integrators worldwide; 
  • have a growing net of distributors;
  • are an official partner of HDL, Clipsal, Global Cache', Domintell, Weinzierl, Legrand;
  • are a member of the KNX association and Cedia;
  • are a participant of the project Innovation Centre “Skolkovo”.


iRidium mobile was founded in 2006. We began with creating projects of home automation and automation of home theatres.
When iPhone appeared on the market, we had a striking idea to use it for controlling home automation. And that is how it all began.


The first employee of the company was Marat Gilyazetdinov.
He had a 18-year experience in programming and he had realized a great number of software projects.
He got interested in automaton systems and studied AMX, Modbus systems. It was his brilliant idea to create iRidium project.


iRidium project branched into an independent company and began to create and develop software packages. iRidium team was joined by Dmitry Shulgin, who had a 6-year experience in automation on one of the largest Ural plants.
From the very beginning our goals were:

1. to control from any device;

2. to control any equipment;

3. to provide best possible capabilities for creating interfaces.


All throughout the year we enthusiastically developed the software package. New programmers came to the company.

In November 2009 we first presented our software package at the High Tech Building exhibition in Moscow.

It went down exceptionally well! Integrators were thrilled with an opportunity to control home automation from iPhone.
A lot of manufacturers of equipment for home automation were wildly enthusiastic about the project.


In February 2010 our company released the first version of the software package, named iRidium HD, on the Apple AppStore.
It excited the automation market. The release of iPad in April 2010 geared up the development of the company. The demand for software solutions of this kind began to grow.


The company grew fast. More programmers and engineers came to our team.
The team was joined by Anton Kamaev, a project manager, who had a 5-year experience in sales and promotion.
We began to present iRidium software package at major international exhibitions and acquired a number of strategic partners.


In November we released iRidium V2.0, that had been developed for 3 years. The goals we set to ourselves were achieved:
1. iRidium works on ANY operation system;
2. Ridium Driver Development Kit allows to create drivers to control ANY equipment;
3. The updated iRidium GUI Editor allows to create a modern smart interface.
Our company is entering a new exiting stage of development: we are telling the world about our new product with it amazing capabilities!


On September, 1 new version iRidium V2.1 was released. The new version had more drivers: HDL-BUS Pro, Helvar, EPSNET, Duotecno, Domintell (beta), My Home (beta). New features appeared:

  • Control worldwide
  • Different access levels
  • iRidium Scripts
  • Interface wizard
  • Intercom support
  • Stream video support

New ready interfaces appeared in iRidium.
A number of JavaSript modules, drivers to control a certain type of equipment, were created.


In October we released iRidium V2.2. Work with iRidium became more convenient and secure. New features implemented:

  • Remote project update
  • New Site licenses: for Global Cache and Helvar
  • Encrypting of irpz files
  • ToolsPanel for fast project creation
  • New IR database from Global Cache
  • Reading of QR codes

iRidium mobile team participated in international exhibitions: “Integrated System Europe” in the Netherlands, “Interlight Moscow” in Russia, “Integrate” in Australia, "Hi-Tech Building" in Russia, “Light&Building” in Germany.


During 2015 major improvements were made in iRidium V 2.2: noise reduction is improved in SIP driver, import from ETS 5 is added, some JavaScript  functions are improved, etc. iRidium Awards 2015 project competition was held a second time. 17 projects from integrators in 5 countries of the world took part in the contest. One more branded app on iRidium basis is created - Consys mobile.

The company took part in international events: “Integrated System Europe” (the Netherlands), "Architect Expo" (Thailand), ACE Tech (India), "Hi-Tech Building" and “Interlight Moscow” (Russia), two "IoT" conferences (Russia), Forum and Technologies «Open Innovations» (Russia). 


On 12 April 2016 iRidium 3.0 platform was released. The platform included two products iRidium pro and iRidium server. iRidium lite (third product of iRidium 3.0 platform) moved to the stage of open beta-testing. iRidium Awards project competition was held a third time, the competition attracted 16 projects from 8 countries worldwide. The company took part in a number of international expos and events: “Intersec” (UAE), “Integrated System Europe” (the Netherlands), "Hi-Tech Building" and “Interlight Moscow” (Russia), "IoT in Smart City" forum (Russia), 2 “Internet of Things” conferences (Russia), "IoT: Technologies and Projects” (Russia), PTA Ural and PTA St. Petersburg conferences (Russia), AFP (Russia). The company took the first prize in the “Best Importer of Sverdlovsk Region 2016” contest.

about us_plans.png

Plans for 2016

In 2016 the company plans to release iRidium 3.0 platform. The main features of the new platform are:

  • iRidium Server;
  • iRidium Cloud;
  • iRidium Store.

iRidium Server - a server that enable to keep data about resource consumption, create scenes and schedules of equipment work, analyze users’ behavior, adjust the work of automation system to users’ demands, etc.

iRidium Cloud - a cloud storage for ready projects, intended for storage, exchange and update of ready projects.

iRidium Store - a store of ready modules to control a particular type of equipment, for example, Sonos media-player, Samsung Smart TV-set, etc. Modules will be developed by iRidium mobile team, as well as by third-party developers, authorized users of iRidium.

iRidium 3.0 platform is developed in two variants: iRidium pro and iRidium lite.

iRidium lite is intended for installers:
  • easy to configure;
  • automatic device search and interface creation.

iRidium pro is intended for professional integrators:
  • creation of projects of any scale and complexity;
  • fully-customized interfaces.
Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Our team works in a unique atmosphere characteristic of young energetic IT companies. We are eager to create an outstanding product to please and wow our customers.
We are creating most beneficial conditions of cooperation for our customers and partners.

Three Principles of Company Development

Three Principles of the company_1_en.png

Our customers must have an opportunity to control equipment from any device.

Three Principles of the company_2_en.png

Our integrators must have an opportunity to control any equipment in one project.

Three Principles of the company_3_en.png

Design is extremely important. It fills our life with colors. An integrator must have an opportunity to amaze customers with smart interfaces.

Stability_and_performance.pngReliable Up-to-Date Solution

Hundreds of professional integrators all over the world help us.
We do value their advice, ideas and comment.

Thanks to them our product has grown into a reliable up-to-date solution. 


Efficient Technical Support

Our engineers know iRidium like the back of the hand. We will happily help you on any stage of creating your project. Your success is our success!   


Our Team

Creating iRidium, a hi-tech product, became possible thanks to collaborative work of a whole team of specialists and international experts in home commercial and industrial automation. 

There are currently 20 team members: programmers, engineers, managers and technical support staff.

Sergey Korolev

Sergey Korolev

CEO, Founder 

In 1998 after graduating from Ural State Polytechnic University Sergey founded an IT-company for consulting and automating management accounts. From 1998 to 2008 he set up a number of successful projects in retail, construction and commercial real estate. In 2006 he founded an installation company which developed solutions for Smart Home Automation. In 2008 there came a revolutionary idea to control automation systems from iPhone. So, part of the installation company branched out to work on iRidium project.

Anton Kamaev

Anton Kamaev

Commercial Director

Anton joined the team in January 2012.
With his 5-year experience in sales and communication he is responsible for attracting new partners, broadening the distribution network and promoting the brand.
He is also a corporate trainer in sales technologies. Anton has a degree of Ural State Polytechnic University.
When a student he was involved in scientific projects (including one on the topic “Theory of Machines and Mechanisms”) and studied in the USA as a participant of the student-exchange program.

Marat Gilyazetdinov

Marat Gilyazetdinov

Chief Programmer

Marat has been working in the company since its foundation.
He is a developer of iRidium software package architecture. It was he, who implemented the idea of controlling automation systems from mobile devices.
He has a certificate of authorship for iRidium software. He was involved in the following software projects: computer games ("Horde", "Talisman", "Steel Giants"), application programs (RMAA, RM3DS) and sound libraries (SQUALL Sound System, Argentum Sound System). Marat’s overall experience in IT-industry is 20 years.


Aleksander Romanov

Technical Director

Aleksander joined the team in January 2016. He has management experience in a variety of shperes: finances, marketing, management of human resources; changes management. Project management 2003 – 2009..

He has higher technical education - a degree of Ural State Polytechnic University in the "Information systems" specialty. He also has a Management Degree (preMBA), the Open University, the UK (distance learning in the Russian language)..

Aleksander is responsible for setting goals to the team and coordinating the programmers.

Team of External Experts

Theo Derks

Theo Derks


iRidium distributor in the Netherlands,
Belgium and Germany,

expert in KNX installation

Nikolay Rusanov

Nikolay Rusanov

iRidium representative

in Russia and CIS,

director of Smart Home Training Center

Arthur Chivkulis

Arthur Chivkulis

Project manager

SIA "AV Experts"/Unisons,

Domintell and AV expert

Dmitry Ryzhkov

Dmitry Ryzhkov


SeeTouch Engineering,

expert in AMX, AV, Modbus installation

Roger Wicks

Roger Wicks


Rocfusion bvba,

expert in KNX, AV installation

Dmitry Korolev

Dmitry Korolev


Luxury Systems,

expert in Modbus installation


Member of KNX Association



CEDIA member



AMX University



Control4 Tech 1 Training



Interlight 2015



Samsung SSR Open Innovation Day