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iRidium lite: new "dream app" for home automation professionals

Iridium lite claims to lead in the field of multiprotocol applications for Connected Home (or Smart Home) systems of professional installation. It acts in some other segments, as well. iRidium lite application, as well as other products by the company, is intended for installers of home / building automation systems and system integrators. In this article I will try to describe the capabilities of the new product in detail and its differences from other applications of the company.

First News in 2018 from iRidium mobile

6-9 February iRidium mobile team takes part in Integrated System Europe 2018, Amsterdam RAI (the Netherlands). Win iPad Pro in iRidium Awards 2018 Project Competition. On our customers' requests we made i3 pro app for OS X. A new driver for iNELS BUS V3 appeared in iRidium pro.

iRidium Awards 2018 Project Competition is Opened!

We announce the start of the Fifth annual project competition iRidium Awards 2018. This year we accept projects in 3 nominations, so we’ll have 4 winners!

News. November 2017

For the past month we’ve added support of new drivers in iRidium lite.
Learn about the latest changes in iRidium pro.

News. October`17

iRidium server UMC for iRidium lite. iRidium gate Supports Google Home. iRidium mobile + ELKO EP = New Native Driver in iRidium pro

News. October 2017

iRidium lite has one more style, that is liked so much by users of iRidium pro – iOS Black.

List of intercoms supported in iRidium pro has become longer!

Voice Control for Smart Home

Review of personal voice assistants and its capabilities in home automation.
Early in the 2000s when I worked with Clipsal Smart home system, voice control was used in projects of building automation. When I studied in the UK I was brought to a retirement home, where a system of voice recognition was realized in wards for people with a mobility impairment.

Results of iRidium Awards 2017

We are ready to announce the results of iRidium Awards 2017 project competition. The competition attracts more and more participants! This year the competition features 18 projects from 9 countries of the world, Russia, Tajikistan, the Netherlands, Greece, Montenegro, Brazil, Australia, South Korea, UAE.

iRidium lite: new "dream app" for home automation professionals

On April 7 we announce the release of a new software product for home automation systems - iRidium lite. It claims to lead in the field of multiprotocol applications for Connected Home (or Smart Home) systems of professional installation. It acts in some other segments, as well.

Samsung Certification of iRidium lite module for “Samsung Smart Home”

iRidium mobile team is happy to announce that on February 1, 2017 iRidium lite module for “Samsung Smart Home” successfully passed official Certification of Samsung company.

iRidium Goes to ISE 2017

iRidium mobile team traditionally takes part in the major international tradeshow in the sphere of system and A/V integration - ISE 2017. The expo takes place on 7-10 February февраля 2017 in Amsterdam RAI (Netherlands). You can find us on 9-F170 stand and on the stands of our partners. At our stand you’ll see all products of iRidium platform - iRidium pro, iRidium lite, iRidium server.

iRidium Awards 2017 Project Competition is ON!

We announce the start of iRidium Awards 2017 project competition. This year we have more nominations, more prizes and 6 winners!

iRidium mobile + Hoteza - New Complex Solution for Hotels

iRidium mobile and Hoteza offer hotel industry a new solution integrating Hoteza hotel system with iRidium capabilities to control automation and A/V equipment.

iRidium is Available in Jetbuilt

iRidium has become a partner of Jetbuilt, an app developed by US company for A/V and automation industry:

  • to estimate AV and automation projects;
  • to create project images, drawings and docs;
  • to prepare a proposal package to customers, etc.

iRidium Server + LogicMachine – Perfect Combination of Power, Convenience and Flexibility

The solution iRidium server for LogicMachine is a perfect combination of power, convenience and flexibility of iRidium mobile interfaces with capabilities of LogicMachine controllers.

New Standard of Sound Quality in iRidium-controlled Multiroom

Our partner, Luxury System, expands the range of services. Now they don’t only make automation projects but also manufacture equipment for making High-End multizone audio systems including the ones controlled by iRidium. Dmitry Korolev, CEO of Luxury Systems, told us about the equipment and possibilities of its use with iRidium.

iRidium 3.0 – Compatible with IP System by Guinaz!

iRidium mobile continues to expand the number partners - manufactureres of different equipment. IP system by Guinaz recently joined the list of iRidium supported equipment.

How to Choose iRidium Server?

iRidium Server is an optional component of iRidium 3.0 platform that allows to use in automation projects such functions as logics, scenes, schedules, storing and processing data. etc.

Universal Protocol Gateway Based on iRidium pro

When working with numerous automation systems in installations, I always faced difficulties with integration of devices that support different protocols. Even if there is a hardware interface, it often supports minimal number of functions.

iRidium pro: New Platform for Visualization, Automation and IoT Devices

On April 12 iRidium mobile officially announced the release of iRidium pro — a set of tools for installers/ system integrators, as well as a complete automation platform набор. The software package can be used as the basis for any project of “smart” or “intellectual” building, home or commercial AV integration and many others.