iRidium lite
Solution for fast project setup

The product is on the final stage of testing


No programming. Fast and easy

Simply scan the local net to control equipment, automation systems and Internet of Things gadgets.

Forget about programming with iRidium lite: 

  • the program itself finds available equipment
  • and offers to download ready control modules

How It Works

1. Create an interface
The graphic interface is created automatically:

  • select rooms and floors
  • add modules to control equipment in different zones

The graphic interface is ready to use!

2. Integrate device control
Devices that might not know about one another are integrated into a single net.
They can interact with each other on certain rules and a set schedule.

3. Create scenes
Users themselves can change scenes of equipment interaction. With no extra help from you.

4. Give a project to the user via cloud
A project is given to the user via iRidium cloud. After it a user can control all devices.
iRidium lite can be used in two modes: on-line and off-line.

Supported Equipment