Results of iRidium Awards 2016 1 April 2016

Results of iRidium Awards 2016


We are ready to announce results of iRidium Awards 2016. This year we have 16 projects participants from 8 countries among them Austria, Belarus, Brazil, Greece, Denmark, India, Latvia, Pakistan. 

What pleased us most of all in that projects sent to the third annual project competition, iRidium Awards 2016, are marked with exceptional quality of both interfaces and automation projects themselves.

The jury of the contest, iRidium mobile team and external experts, watched the sent video with interest and read carefully project descriptions. The Grand Prix was seriously contested by several high-quality projects. 

Grand-Prix of iRidium Awards 2016

«Vaskelovo» project – it is private country house (3 floors and a basement), 1800 square meters in the suburbs of Saint Petersburg. The whole house is automated. The house consists of 40 rooms, including a SPA complex with a swimming pool, home cinema, music room, play room, 4 bed-rooms and all technical rooms. The control system covers the territory around the house, as well.

Author: Evgeniy Leshkiv, Elspace, Saint Petersburg (Russia) 

Here are our experts’ comments on the project:

Unique interface/controls!

Scada on KNX basis is brave! As I understand, the results is the only thing that matters.

Technical interface is an interesting idea with cool realization.

This project displays iRidium essence!

Prize: iPhone 6 S+ $500 for iRidium products

Winner in “Home automation” Nomination

«Montem Capere Villa» - it is a 1200m2 big private house. The main focus is to reach the maximum quality of life. So it was important to make a user interface which is really easy. The interface contains pictures of rooms, so you always know which room you control. There is also a technical back end interface for all settings. The users have the front end easy interface where he use the daily features. 

Author: Walter Kreisel, HOMETEC, Austria.

Here are our experts’ comments on the project:

1 interface for everything. One design in the interface, and not 3 or 4 different designs (look and feels). Many many controlled systems and devices: AMX, KNX, audio, video, SIP, camera's, TV lifts, that's integration! A unique way to present this project by the programmers/designers! Super!!!

The professional integration can be given an excellent mark with a small minus. The minus is for LG TV-sets. They can also be controlled via RS232, by using USB-RS232 adapter.

Prize: $500 for iRidium products

Winner in “Commercial automation” Nomination

«New Hotel Mykonos» project  - the project was made to visualize the buttons "Do Not Disturb", "Clean Up Room" and "Emergency" that are located in every room of the hotel. Receptionists must always know which rooms have to be cleaned, which have the Do Not Disturb label and where Emergency button was pressed.

Author: Theodoros Priskas, Poseidwn Solutions, Greece 

Here are our experts’ comments on the project:

It’s a very perspective sphere of iRidium use.

Prize: $500 for iRidium products

Winner in “Special solutions” Nomination

«Outdoor Stealth Home Theater» project - it is “designed to the outdoor Envy of the Neighborhood". Entertainment lifestyles are moving outdoors in this concept that provides dynamic full-range multi-channel surround sound to recreate the movie experience in the client's backyard.

Author: Waqas Tanveer, Tera Generation Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Pakistan 

Here are our experts’ comments on the project:

Simple, well-known iRidium GUI.

Technically cool, but the interface is over-loaded.

Prize: $500 for iRidium products

Special Prize from iRidium mobile Team for Design

«Ohta-Park» project - it’s a 2-storey country house, 439 square meters with a bathing house and a garage, 100 square meters. It is  located in the picturesque resort area not far from St.Petersburg - Ohta-Park.

Author: Anton Julin, Albus Pro Ltd, Saint Petersburg (Russia) 

Here are our experts’ comments on the project:

The concept of the design is interesting.

This one seems to be the best!

КGreat and really unique visualization! Wowwww Many controlled systems/devices!

Prize: $500 for iRidium products