Results of iRidium Awards 2015 Project Competition 26 March 2015

Results of iRidium Awards 2015 Project Competition

We’ve summed up the results of Awards 2015 project competition! The contest was held from December 1, 2014 till March 6, 2015. 17 projects from 5 counties, among them Russia, Kazakhstan, Germany, Poland, Columbia took part in the competition.

Videos sent to the competition wowed the jury, iRidium mobile team and external experts, and caused hot debates about the winners.

Grand-Prix of iRidium Awards 2015

Project «Modern residence» is a luxurious house in Sestroretsk, total square 800 sq.meters, where a unique interface, created for the customer, controls all automation and A/V equipment, as well as, intercom and security system.

Author: Evgeniy Leshkiv, Elspace, Saint Petersburg (Russia)

iRidium Awards 2015 became a unique chance for us to let professionals evaluate the control interface, designed by Elspace team. We have been creating and improving this interface for several years. With wishes of our customers in mind, we worked hard to create an intuitive interface that is graphically beautiful, as well. Now we offer this interface to our customers for free. Grand Prix awarded to our project at iRidium Awards 2015 is a recognition of our successful work.

Prize: iPhone 6 + $500 for iRidium products

Winner in “Home automation” Nomination

Project «Private residence in St.Petersburg suburbs» is a country house in a resort area not far from Saint Petersburg. Complicated automation equipment, numerous A/V equipment, IP cameras, etc. are controlled from a specially designed intuitive interface on 17 iPhones and iPads.

Author: Dmitry Ryzhkov, SeeTouch Engineering, Saint Petersburg (Russia)

During years work with iRidium I've never had a chance to let the developers themselves evaluate my work. I'd like the developers to see the importance of the product in which they invest so much time and effort. I also wanted to show my work to other installers, to see what others can do, to go to another step in my professional development. Thank you, iRidium mobile team, for such a chance!

Prize: $500 for iRidium products

Winner in “Commercial automation” Nomination

Project "Office in Megameid Company" is a director’s office, total square 100 sq.meters. All automation and A/V equipment is controlled from iPad mini, iPhone 6. Specially designed interface provides beautiful and intuitive control of lighting, blinds, climate, etc.

Author: Mikhail Kruchinin, “Foreit” PC, Saint Petersburg (Russia)

The main thing that motivated me to take part in the competition is to present myself as an integrator, to show my design. I was also interested to know how competitive my work is among other professionals, as I'm only a beginner in automation, I've been in this business for only a year and a half, but I'm quite ambitious ))). And of course the main prize - iPhone! It's always pleasant to be awarded a prize for well-done work!

Prize: $500 for iRidium products

Winner in “Special solutions” Nomination

Project “Home Systems Control Dispatcher” ” is a complex solution for remote control and monitoring of the boiler-room equipment, hot and cold water supply system, ventilation and humidification systems and warm floors. The system can also notify users about emergencies.

Author: Evgeniy Suschevsky, "TeploEnergoServis" PC, Kemerovo (Russia)

What motivated us to take part in iRidium Awards 2015 was professional growth and development in automation and programming spheres. We also wanted to evaluate our capabilities, to see if this sphere has a future and what future it is.

Prize: $500 for iRidium products

Besides nominations, the jury awarded SPECIAL PRIZES to 2 projects!

Unique Solution for Home Cinemas

Project “BeeToo Cinema” is a new high-quality solution to control multimedia centers. It’s a fully-functional substitute to remote controls for everyday use.

Authors: Alexander Borovsky, Stanislav Buyanov, Dmytry Leschenko, EST Ltd. , Moscow (Russia)

iRidium Awards project competition this year, as well as last, became our stimulus to make a beautiful and useful ad/PR-video, that can be used as promotion material. In addition we were motivated by the attention to the project in the society of colleagues working with iRidium. And, of course, it’s a chance to win a valuable prize – iPhone

Prize: 50% discount for iRidium license

Highly Complex High-quality Automation of Residence

Project "My Smarthome" is an incredibly complex project where 3 iPads control lighting, blinds, climate, diode tape, multiroom system, web-cameras, ventilation, heating, outdoor sprinkling system, home cinema, weather station etc. The interface was specially designed for the project.

Author: Martin Konanz, IBEAS GmbH, Stutensee (Germany)

There are different reasons for the participation in this competition. We wanted to show that:
1.) you can do more than lights, shutters and home cinema with iRidium
2.) the way of navigation differs from other projects. Our customers prefer a much more detailed way of showing information of their houses.
So we take a groundplan of the different floors and implement all details. This groundplan is always visible and the basic functionalities (e.g. switching lights) can be done directly in the groundplan. All functionalities, that go further than this, are realized with sidebars.
3.) it is possible to create a simple GUI, that is completely free of graphical styles (beside the symbols in the navigation buttons).
By this, we are able to resize the GUI to other solution and aspect ratios without taking care of each element
4.) In the end we hope to spread iridium in Germany :-)

Prize: $500 for iRidium products