iRidium Specialist for HDL buspro
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Nikolay Rusanov

Nikolay Rusanov, director of Smart Home Training Center
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iRidium for HDL Buspro

At the webinar you can learn to:

  • create projects in iRidium studio, use sample GUIs
  • set up cameras and use gestures in your projects;
  • upload projects on different control panels;
  • work with HDL equipment: relays, dimmers (DMX, Dali interfaces);
  • set up shutter modules, climate and floor heating via DLP panel;
  • control Z-Audio.

Course Outline:
1. Introduction:
   1.1. Description of iRidium software package.
   1.2. Licensing .
   1.3. Work with iRidium transfer.
2. New capabilities of iRidium V3 for HDL BusPro.

3. Work with HDL BusPro driver.
4. Basic graphic capabilities of iRidium studio. 

Become iRidium Certified Specialist for HDL!
  • watch the webinar video;
  • do the test at this link.

If you do the task successfully, you have Dealer registration, and a tick in the field “Become a Certified iRidium Specialist” in the My Profile, information about you and your company will be displayed in «Find a Certified iRidium Specialist» section of our web-site.