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Calculator for i3 lite

when purchasing iRidium products - licenses you agree with the terms of our Licensing Agreement

Basic price
  • iRidium lite License
  • 40 subdevices (2 packs, 20 subdevices per pack)
  • Unlimited number of panels
  • Unlimited number of drivers

Additional packs of subdevices
Each additional pack contains 20 subdevices*.

*Subdevice - a functional object of iRidium lite (e.g, 1 subdevice = 1 Philips HUE bulb or 1 KNX relay channel or 1 HDL dimmer channel or 1 sensor of a 8-in-1 detector)
Enter the total number of subdevices in your project
+ 0 USD
1 pack - 75 USD
iRidium server
iRidium server is responsible for the work of schedules and rules 24/7. It is also required for remote control, collecting and storing system data.
Use iRidium server
+ 150 USD
Your price: