iRidium V2.1 – High-Quality Visualization, and Absolute Control! 20 September 2013

iRidium V2.1 – High-Quality Visualization, and Absolute Control!

We’ve done some good work since the release of iRidium V2.0. We have integrated and developed more than 500 functions!

The new version includes new functions, support of new automation systems and stunning new designs. All of it is available now!

5 New Functions

Intercom Support

You can use Intercom function on iOS, Mac or Windows platforms for:

  • external Intercom
  • communication between control panels
  • cell phone calls

iRidium works with all call panels that support SIP-Intercom.

Support of Stream Video H.264/mpeg4

With the new iRidium V2.1 you can use:

  • Modern DVRs
  • Modern IP-cameras
  • Modern Intercom panels

It’s up to you to choose!


You can upload as many projects on your control panel as you want. It’s crucially important, if your client wants to control multiple objects. Your customer is free to choose any interface for any object!
Look how easily you can do it:


Minimized or not, iRidium will flash notification on your iOS device:

  • to control Intercom
  • to inform about an emergency (movement sensor, leakage sensor, etc.)

Make your customers feel calm and secure with the new notification function.

Interface Wizard

The new interface wizard includes:

  • a variety of interface designs
  • auto-scaling to the required screen resolution
  • quick interface changes on any stage of the project

Create a brand new interface in just 2 minutes!

Here are the first reviews of those lucky ones who have already tried the new iRidium V2.1:

Edward Arakelov, CEO, BMS-Trading

The release of iRidium 2.1 has been long expected, though the previous version is in demand. We have already tested the new product in a real project. And I can say with confidence that, the new version is not a minor change of the previous solution, it’s a step up onto a higher stage of development!

Maarten Decuypere, programmer, DELIMO BVBA

I have tested the new software from iRidium, I'm very satisfied with the results: the new software is working very great!

New Drivers

Now HDL integrators have the much-wanted:

  • scan-function
  • preset device base

Control from any panel!

  • convenient GUI Editor
  • unlimited graphic capabilities

2 clicks to combine control with any systems!

  • convenient GUI Editor
  • unlimited graphic capabilities

Unique graphics of your projects!

  • perfectly suitable for iNELS and Teco controllers
  • control from any device

Unrivaled visualization! Now Clipsal integrators can

  • import data from C-Bus tool kit
  • connect several control panels (control of Clipsal system is possible via CNI Ethernet interface or С-Gate)

Industrial reliability standards combined with smart graphics!

  • control Beckhoff equipment via Beckhoff ADS, as well as via Modbus TCP!
  • simple integrations with other automation systems

«Is there anything new for AV integrators and everybody, involved in Home Automation projects?» –There surely is …

Modules to Control Media Servers!

  • Modules are easy to integrate into a new projects in two clicks.
  • Modules work like fully-functional native apps.
  • The unique solution of the kind on the market!

New Designs

Xenon GUI

Innovate GUI

Euro GUI

Users’ Reviews About the New iRidium V2.1

Nickolay Rusanov, director, Smart Home Training Center

At last we have a product which can control Smart Home and various media systems from one graphic interface without a central controller. In the world there are no analogues to iRidium mobile 2.1 by the number of supported control systems. Ready graphic libraries and interfaces of iRidium mobile 2.1 leave behind any other software I tried by the beauty of their design and flexibility of configuration.

Gert Oussoren, engineer, Schreuder-Ruitenbeek Installatiebeheer

I work with iRidium since the early 1.x versions. Now the product is ‘full grown-up’ and great to work with. When your customer likes graphics very much, iRidium absolutely is the way to go. You can fully customize your interface; you can create your own style with own buttons, images, position and backgrounds and that’s what I like so much about it. iRidium is a great product, after all!

Roger Wicks, programmer, Rocfusion bvba

iRidium V2.1 provides a complete control solution for many automation protocols and Audio\Video products like no other product on the market. It allows us to make a control user interface the way we want, in the style that we want. The scripting feature is fantastic, thanks to this we have already created two very unique control solutions that work. iRidium is backed by a professional team that are always there when you need them. We recommend iRidium V2.1.

Arthur Chivkulis, project manager, SIA AV Experts

It's great that your product is becoming multifunctional, by adding, for instance, SIP driver. Thanks for your work! Go ahead! I advise all integrators of automation systems to pay attention to this product and to work with it.

Anton Gubarev, director of official MyHome integrators, Legrand

iRidium attracts MyHome integrators by a chance to integrate MyHome with other automation systems and AV equipment. Other apps for MyHome can’t do it. This software has an extremely flexible interface to create designs that make any customer happy!

We offer you to try the new iRidium V2.1 right now! Simply get a trial-license on our website and share your impressions with us!


P.S.By the way, you can master iRidium and learn to use all of its capabilities (including the NEW ones) in iRidium Academy! It will take you just about two hours of in-job training!

P.S.S. Together with the product we have renewed our web-site as well. There you will find FULL information about our products, their characteristics. PRICES, SPECIAL OFFERS, experts’ reviews, and much more. Now it is more convenient and user-friendly