Self-studying is free, you can start self-training any time you want. Video-lessons and extra materials are available on our web site. 

Note: To pass tests you have to be authorized on iRidium web-site!

For your convenience we divided the training into the following lessons: 

Lesson Name Total time
Comment Certificate
1 Introduction 37 min General information about iRidium software package, license system of control devices. -
2 Creation and setting up projects in iRidium GUI Editor 1 hour 30 min Tools for creating unique interfaces. -
3 Uploading projects on control panels 20 min

Uploading iRidium projects on Windows, iOS, OSX, Android based control panels.
Uploading AMX (.TP4) projects on control panels.

4 Working with the AV & Custom Systems driver 50 min Principles of driver system in iRidium.
Controlling Audio/Video equipment using the AV & Custom Systems driver.
Certificate "Specialist iRidium for AV & Custom Systems"
5 Working with KNX equipment 1 hour Principles of driver system in iRidium.
Controlling automation system on the base of KNX equipment.
Certificate "Specialist iRidium for KNX"
If you pass the test successfully, i.e. answer all the test-questions to Lessons 4 or 5 correctly, you will get the “iRidium Specialist”certificate and a bonus: an unlimited number of trial licenses.